Are You Being Sued Over Credit Card Debt?

Are You Being Sued Over Credit Card Debt?

Hire a consumer debt defense attorney in Charlotte, NC

Maybe you're being sued by your credit card company. Maybe a debt buyer is trying to collect on your case. Either way, you can bet that they have a skilled attorney developing their argument. You need an experienced debt defense attorney to help protect your rights.

Galletta Law Firm, PLLC can help you build a strong consumer debt defense. I'll review the details of your situation and help you develop a strategy for your case. Being in debt doesn't mean you don't have rights, and I'll fight to protect yours during this stressful process.

Team up with a debt defense attorney by calling the Galletta Law Firm in Charlotte, NC.

How I can help with your case

You aren't out of options when you're being sued over your debt. I can help you with your consumer debt defense by...

  • Pursuing arguments for dismissal, including statutes of limitations and a lack of evidence
  • Negotiating on your behalf for a settlement that can reduce the amount of debt owed
  • Explaining additional options for debt relief like bankruptcy

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