Protect Your Personal Property

Protect Your Personal Property

Speak to a vehicle repossession attorney in Charlotte, NC

Vehicle repossession is a complex issue that requires legal action. It is extremely important to act as quickly as possible when your car gets repossessed; every minute counts. Call Galletta Law Firm, PLLC in Charlotte, NC so that I can represent you if you lose your vehicle. I help clients file for bankruptcy to save their vehicles and maintain their mobility. The sooner that you can get representation, the chances of you getting your car back increase exponentially.

Speak to a vehicle repossession attorney now if you've lost your vehicle.

What to do if your car gets repossessed

Losing your car is an event that can upset every part of your life. If your car gets repossessed, you'll need to take action. You should:

  • Hire a bankruptcy attorney
  • Work with your attorney to file for bankruptcy
  • Let your attorney contact the financing company holding your car
If you need help with a vehicle repossession bankruptcy, I'm glad to be of service. I'll keep you in the loop about the status of your vehicle and your finances. Email me now for more information on vehicle repossession bankruptcy.